• Wednesday | 22-March-2023

Information to Employees

Information to Employees

Internal Circulars

Office Order -- EBUS investigation charges

Regarding EHS / CGHS

      List of Hospitals/Diagnostic Centres Empanelled under CGHS

      Ammended Confirmed Letters from Hospital / diagnostic Centers upto November 2020

     Confirmed letters from Hospitals/Diagnostic Centers


      Medical Reimburshment Claim Form

      EHS Referral Form


Office order -- Enhancement of retirement age of Doctros

Administration -- Circular to attend conferences,workshops and training etc

Administration Circular regarding Citizen's Charter

Circular regarding Medical Leave and Fitness dated 04-06-2018

Circular regarding encourage patients to make digital payments - incentive of 1% discount of user charges

Forms for Employees

1. Requistion of Vehicle 

2.  Application for EHS Card

3.  Application for the Allotment of Institute of Pool Accomodation

4.  Application Form for Grant of LTC

5.  LTC Bill Format 

6.  Certificate of Attendance 

7.  Festival Advance Form

8.  Format - Reimburshment of Newspaper

9.  No Dues Certificate Format

10.  Proforma for Attending Conference (National / International )

11.  Proforma for Children Educational Allowance 

12.  Proforma for New Idendity Card

13.  Telephone Bill Reimburshment Form

14.  UAN EPFO Change Request Form

15.  Travelling Allowance Bill (Officers)

16.  Request Form for Tonner Refilling or New compatible

 17.  Income Tax Savings declaration profoma

 18. Proforma for taking prior permission for foreign visits by Institute Employee

Forms for Equipment 

1.  Performa for AMC of Equipments

2.    Proforma for Equipment Repair (ERC)

3.    Proforma for Condemnation