• Wednesday | 22-March-2023

From The Directors Desk

From The Directors Desk

Prof (Dr.) Ravindra Kumar Dewan
The National Institute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases is an exceptional Institute which has been providing highest levels of tertiary care facilities to patients suffering from various lung conditions and thoracic surgical problems in addition to all the related diagnostic, public health, research, advocacy and other initiatives. From its inception as a TB Sanatorium in 1952 to achieving the status of an Institute in 1991 and receiving National recognition in 2013, by the government, the journey has always been one of positive growth.

 We have always been fortunate in receiving generous support of the Government of India to dedicated efforts and futuristic vision of all the stakeholders including the administration, Governing body, faculty, staff, and students. In addition to quality clinical care, the Institute is well known for postgraduate teaching in Thoracic Surgery, Pulmonary Medicine, and Microbiology. Teaching, training and research of highest quality have always been our abiding passion and goal. The new goals that we have dedicated ourselves to are to consolidate the position achieved so far, to make the patient care more humane and easier to access, and to add all the possible newer technologies.

 Now that the COVID 19 pandemic appears to be receding, we are eagerly looking forward to contributing our maximum to the cherished goal of Ending TB by 2025 and setting newer goals and milestones for us. Research in several areas of TB diagnostics as well as therapeutics in underway in the Institute. Healthcare professionals from across the world have been visiting the Institute for training and interactions. Mutual collaborations and extramural projects have been instrumental in the exchange of thoughts and high-quality research.

 We have been successful in strengthening basics of patient care by getting a blood bank storage facility, oxygen generating plant and a user-friendly mobile app functional in the Institute. Upcoming projects include establishing robotic thoracic surgical facilities, upgradation of intensive care, skill labs for students and trainees, a new Sewage Treating Plant and adoption of all possible green technologies in the building and infrastructure.

       Despite our commitment to high technology, we are fully aware that the patient, especially the poor patient remains the focus of all our activities and all our efforts are directed to ameliorating human suffering. 

Dr. Ravindra Kumar Dewan