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TB Control

TB Control


Dr Khalid Head of the Department

The department is responsible for conducting all training activities relating to TB Control (RNTCP ,PMDT). One of the main objectives of the Institute is to a impart training to the various personnel on different aspects of tuberculosis as well as on the National TB Programme and the Revised Strategy. In its efforts towards this objective the Institute, over the years, has been actively involved in training the key trainers from all over the country on the Revised National Tuberculosis control Programme, specifically from those areas where the strategy is proposed to be launched or is already being implemented. In addition, the Institute has also been organising workshops, seminars, CME programmes and symposiums on the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme. Some of the important decisions in the formulation of the Revised Strategy in the country have emanated as a result of these workshops and seminars. Specifically these include the areas of Management Information System, RNTCP in tribal areas, drug doses in treatment regimen of RNTCP and seminars with teachers and professors of medical colleges and various TB specialists to reach to a consensus on the strategy. The National DOTS Plus strategy was pilot tested at the Institute and subsequently, the National Guidelines were formulated. The department is also assisting the Central TB Division for imparting training under DOTS Plus and development of modules for different categories of staff involved in its implementation. The department has recently initiated the process of developing training modules for Nurses and Private Medical Practitioners.

The training is also imparted to the nursing students from Rajkumari Amrit Kaur College of Nursing and the trainee health visitors from New Delhi TB Centre every year.

The different categories of personnel trained in the Institute are as under:

Manpower Trained: Over the years the following categories of staff have been trained:

Period Doctors Nurses Other * Total
1993-2000 274 650 339 1263
2001-2005 785 918 266 1969
2005-06 105 452 15 572
2006-07 146 517 10 673
2007-08 1130 56 11 1197
2008-09 154 923 503 1580
2009-10 164 424 285 843
2010-11 261 403 610 1274
2011-12 258 1608 646 2512
2012-13 607 975 0 1582
2013-14 193 972 62 1227
2014-15 323 75 33 431
2015-16 297 908 102 1307
Apr.2016-2017 200 0 0 497
Total 4897 8881 2882 16927

These include Senior TB Lab. Supervisor (STLS), Senior Treatment Supervisor (STS), Laboratory Technicians, TBHV and DOT Provider.