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Dr Kumud Gupta Head of the Department
Dr Shalini Mullick Specialist

List of Equipments :

  1. Five part fully automatic Hematology Analyser - SYSMEX 1800i
  2. Semi Automatic coagulometer Analyser CA 50 SYSMEX
  3. Tissue Embedding Station - SLEE
  4. Tissue Microtomes _Microm
  5. Microscopes
  6. Automatic Antigen Retrieval System - Biocare
  7. Incubators, Hot air oven, Water bath, Colorimeter etc.

Activities :

Hematology lab provides services with hemogram, reports on peripheral blood smears, hemoparasites, PT and APTT with the help of fully automated Sysmex 1800 i five part hematology analyser and semi automated CA 50 coagulation analyser. Majority of the cases are reported on the same day. Hematology lab also provides Emergency lab services round the clock.
Cytology lab work covers FNAC of superficial masses, ultrasound & CT guided FNAC of lung and mediastinal masses, bronchoscopic generated material like bronchial wash, BAL, bronchial brush smears, E BUS generated material etc. For fluid cytology, lab receives many samples of pleural fluid and peritoneal fluid. Cytology lab is equipped with the centrifuges .
Majority of the samples are processed and reported within 2 - 3 working days of receiving.
Histopathology lab mainly receives resected lung specimen, open lung biopsy, VAT biopsies, pleural tissue, bronchial biopsy, TBLB, mediastinal masses,   lymph nodes etc. Lab is equipped with Microtome, Gross lab, tissue floatation bath, wax bath etc.
Immunohistochemistry is done as and when needed.. Histopathology reports are given in 3 to 10 working days, depending upon the case and special stains required.


A Museum with mounted surgically resected specimens and photographs of interesting cases covering almost the full spectrum of lung pathology has also been developed.

Publications :

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Pathology Laboratory