• Wednesday | 22-March-2023

Medical Records

Medical Records


The Medical Record Department of National Institute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases is situated on the ground floor, near the Administrative Block.

The department receives files of all inpatients from the wards, emergency and ICU of the hospital, and is responsible for their safe custody and access. Retention and storage of files is done as per the policy of the institute for the same. At any given time, more than 70,000 files are stored in the department in compactor systems and filing cabinets. Computerization of the record section is also being planned.

Major activities of the Medical record department and its staff are as follows:

1. Receiving and safekeeping of patient records
2. Coordination with the computer section of the Institute to enter patient data for monthly and annual reports
3. Systematically arranging files as per serial number and date for easy access
4. Issue of files for mortality meetings and other administrative activities as and when required
5. Issue of files for research projects, thesis projects and academic activities
6. Coordination with administration for issue of death summaries/ insurance claim verification/files related to medico-legal cases



Name Designation
Dr. Saroj Kumari Meena       In-charge
Sh. Pooran Chandra Record Sorter
Sh. Brajpal  HTMS (G.O.)
Sh.Jawahar Lal Daftary