• Wednesday | 22-March-2023

Integrated Counseling And Testing Centre

Integrated Counseling And Testing Centre



Dr. Upasna Agarwal, Head, Department of (Internal Medicine)


Under the supervision of the In-charge, the ART centre is being run by the following dedicated team:

·         Ms Parveen, ICTC Counselor 

·         Mr. Devraj Kaushik, Laboratory Technician

The ICTC is a centre for providing comprehensive HIV counselling and testing services.

Services and facilities available at the ICTC Centre are:

·         Free-of-cost,  rapid  HIV  testing through a dedicated ICTC on-site laboratory.

·         Confidential Pre- test and Post- test counseling sessions  for  clients accessing the ICTC

-Information and health education on the modes of HIV transmission and methods of HIV prevention and   reducing high risk behaviour is given

- Assistance for accessing HIV treatment and care services is provided to people living with HIV by our trained counselling team

·         Linking people living with HIV with social welfare schemes  and other care services.

·         Intensified TB case finding services

·         Free Condom distribution