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Research Activites

Research Activites

The National Institute has rich clinical resources and is actively involved in research in the field of TB & Respiratory Diseases. In addition to indoor facilities the institute has a well developed outreach system of treating patients in the field conditions under supervision. The TB patients under the specified area of the Institute are being treated in the peripheral health centers (DOTS centers). At DOTS centers each patient is properly recorded till the full treatment. Sputum examinations are done at pre-defined intervals and recorded. Patients are given supervised treatment. The outcome of each patient is recorded. Home visits are done for patients who fail to turn up for treatment. This forms a very strong cohort group for any prospective research study.

The Institute assists the government of India in developing strategies for TB control and in implementation of the same. Based on operational research the faculty of the institute has contributed significantly to the development of national guidelines in India for management of tuberculosis, MDR-TB and pediatric tuberculosis under national programme.

The institute has Research Committee and Ethical Committee for evaluation of the research proposals. The Institute at present is having International / National collaboration. Several rapid diagnostic tests for the diagnosis of tuberculosis are already being field tested in collaboration with international agencies such as FIND (Foundation for Innovative Diagnostics). National Institute has already signed MOU with ICGEB (International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology).

The long-term goal of the institute will be to develop a center of excellence providing a platform for clinical immunological work in the field of tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases. The Research focus would be priority to work on the diagnosis, monitoring and evaluation of various newer therapeutic modalities like drugs and vaccines besides studying the immune pathogenesis and development of tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases. The institute will focus on the proteomics and genomics to achieve the above objectives. The facility will focus on discovering antigens, antibodies and immunological biomarkers for rapid and early diagnosis of tuberculosis, HIV-TB co-infection, MDR-TB and XDR-TB and on developing cost-effective devices for rapid detection of tuberculosis. This in a long run will help in the field evaluation and application of technology in tackling these diseases and will supplement the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme.

Researches Other Than DNB carried during the year 2011-2012

S.No. Title of the study Name of Researcher
1. A randomised double blind, placebo-controlled study to evaluate the long-term safety and efficacy of Darbepoetin Alfa administered at 500 µg once-every-3-weeks to a hemoglobin ceiling of 12.0 g/dl in anemic subjects with advanced stage non-small cell lung cancer receiving multicycle chemotherapy Dr. D. Behera, Dr. A. Jaiswal, Dr. Rajnish Gupta, Dr. J.K.Saini
2. A phase 2, multicenter, open label, randomized trial of AMG 706 or Bevacizumab in combination with Paclitaxel and Carboplatin for advanced non squamous Non-small Cell lung Cancer Dr. D. Behera, Dr. A. Jaiswal
3. Study A4021016 Randomized open label, Phase III Trial of CP-751,871 in combination with paclitaxel and carboplatin versus paclitaxel and carboplatin in patients with non- small cell lung cancer Dr. D. Behera, Dr. A. Jaiswal, Dr. Lokender
4. Annual Risk of Tuberculosis Infection (ARTI) in the slum population covered under RNTCP by National Institute of TB & RD Dr. Rohit Sarin, Dr. D. Behera, Dr. Vikram Vohra, Dr. Khalid U.K.
5. Efficacy and safety of Immunomodulator (Mw) in Cat.II Pulmonary TB patients (Collaboration with DBT) Dr. Rohit Sarin, Dr Neeta Singla
6. Repeat zonal level tuberculin survey for estimating annual risk of tuberculosis infection in East Zone (collaboration with NTI Bangalore) Dr. Rohit Sarin, Dr. V. Vohra, Dr. Khalid U.K.
7. Molecular characterization of mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from seven states of North-East India using spoligotyping Dr. V.P. Myneedu, Dr. D. Behera, Dr. M. Bhalla, Dr. Ritu Singhal, Dr. Niti Singh
8. Prevalence of multi-drug resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis in North-East states, Delhi and Punjab using Line-probe assay in various subsets of RNTCP patients. Dr. V.P. Myneedu, , Dr. Ritu Singhal, Dr. D. Behera, Dr. Niti Singh, Dr. Jyoti Arora, Dr. M. Bhalla
9. Role of voltage gated calcium channels and Suppressors of Cytokine Signaling (SOCS) in regulating immune responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis (collaboration with ICGEB). Dr K. Natarajan, Dr R. Singla, Dr Khalid U.K.
10. Identification of biomarkers and pathogen regulated targets for tuberculosis infection (collaboration with ICGEB). Prof. V.S. Chauhan, Dr. D. Behera, Dr. R. Singla, Dr Khalid U.K.
11. Functional analysis of IL – 12R mutation in tuberculosis. Dr. Anand Jaiswal, Dr. D. Behera, Dr. Sangeeta Sharma, Dr. J S Tyagi, Mr. Vikas Kumar Sharma, Dr. H. Krishna Prasad
12. To study interleukin – 12 and its receptor polymorphism in TB patient and controls. Dr. Anand Jaiswal, Dr. D. Behera, Dr. Sangeeta Sharma, Dr. J S Tyagi, Dr. Rajiv Kr. Jha, Dr. H. Krishna Prasad
13. Profile of tuberculosis among house hold contacts of MDR tuberculosis registered under DOTS Plus (Central TB Division funded) Dr. Neeta Singla, Dr. D. Behera, Dr. R. Singla, Dr. P. Visalakshi
14. Deciphering dendritic cell function during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection by RNA interference (in collaboration with Dr. B R Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Research, University of Delhi) Dr. Rupak Singla, Dr. D. Behera, Dr. K. Natarajan, Dr. Neeta Singla
15. Delays and constraints in diagnosis and initiation of DOTS-Plus treatment in MDR-TB patients at a DOTS Plus site, Delhi Dr. Neeta Singla, Dr. D. Behera, Dr. Rupak Singla, Dr. P. Visalakshi
16. A study on smoking behaviour, attributable risk of smoking to pulmonary tuberculosis and efficacy of smoking cessation among tuberculosis patients Dr. Neeta Singla, Dr. D. Behera, Dr. Somdatta Patra, Dr S.B.Singh, Dr. G. R. Khatri
17. Evaluation and diabetes as determinant of tuberculosis : A matched controlled study Dr. Neeta Singla, Dr. Rajendra Tandon, Dr. D. Behera, Dr. Roopa S
18. Study of Adverse of Adverse Drug Reaction in MDR TB patients under DOTS plus program (2011) Dr. Neeta Singla, Dr. Rupak Singla, Mr. Anurag Gautam, Dr. D. Behera
19. Radiological pattern in Pulmonary TB in Children Dr. Sangeeta Sharma, Dr. Anita Yadav
20. To study HIV status of pediatric Pulmonary & Extra Pulmonary patients Dr. Sangeeta Sharma, Dr S.K. Munjal
21. To study the menstrual pattern of adolescent girls in pulmonary & extra-pulmonary TB Dr. Sangeeta Sharma
22. To study the association of indoor environmental risk factors and childhood tuberculosis Dr. D. Behera, Dr. Sangeeta Sharma, Dr. Somdatta Patra
23. Surveillance of drug resistance at LSRI TB & RD New Delhi DOTS Area Dr. V.P. Myneedu, Dr Ritu Singhal, Dr M. Bhalla, Dr Khalid U.K., Mr P.P.Sharma
24. Profile of Mycobacterium tuberculosis at NITBRD – A retrospective study Dr V.P.Myneedu
25. Evaluation of real time PCR for the diagnosis of pulmonary and extra-pulmonary specimens and its comparison with conventional IS6110 PCR, MGIT 960 TB system, conventional culture & Smear Microscopy Dr D. Behera, Dr M. Bhalla, Dr Jyoti Arora, Dr Tamanna Sharma
26. Study the impact of TB on HIV activity in dually infected patients using RT-PCR Assay Dr Tamanna Sharma, Dr. M. Bhalla, Dr. Upasana Agarwal
27. Utility of PCR for diagnosis of pulmonary and extra pulmonary TB in comparison with smear microscopy, conventional culture and MGIT 960 system Dr. M. Bhalla, Dr Tamanna Sharma, Dr. D. Behera, Dr Jyoti Arora
28. Evaluation of performance and suitability of Light Emitting Diode (LED) fluorescence microscope for detection of Acid Fast Bacilli in sputum for tuberculosis diagnosis (Funded by OLMPUS Magnus analyticus) Dr. M. Bhalla, Dr P.P.Sharma
29. Studies on Aspergillus fumigatus proteome for identification of novel unknown immunogens Dr. D. Behera, Dr. J.K. Saini, Dr. G.L. Sharma
30. Molecular analysis of MDR and XDR strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from a tertiary care hospital (ICMR funded) Dr Urvashi B.Singh, Dr. D. Behera, Dr Jyoti Arora, Dr. M. Bhalla
31. Validation and clinical studies for methods for diagnosis of tuberculosis by smear microscopy, culture and polymerase chain reaction using processed clinical samples and kit thereof (DBT funded) Dr. M. Bhalla, Dr Jaya Tyagi
32. Study of the influence of stress and micro-nutrients deficiency on human immuno-competent cells and its implication to mycobacterium tuberculosis Dr. H.K. Prasad, Ms Savita Singh, Dr. D. Behera, Dr Anand Jaiswal
33. Use of the BACTEC Mycobacteria Growth Indicator Tube 960 Automated System for recovery of mycobacteria from extrapulmonary specimens and typing of isolates using Spoligotyping Dr. M. Bhalla, Dr. Jyoti Arora,
Dr. D. Behera
34. Tobacco consumption in youth attending OPD in a tertiary care respiratory hospital in Delhi. Dr. Sujata Arya, Dr. Khalid U. K., Dr. D. Behera
35. To study the feasibility and usefulness of multiple samples collected same day for smear microscopy in the diagnosis of pulmonary TB at NITBRD Dr. Ajoy Kumar Verma, Dr. V.P. Myneedu
36. Evaluation and justification of phenol-Ammonium sulphate precipitation / sedimentation smear microscopy method for diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis : an effective, safe and reliable alternative for direct smear microscopy in microscopy centers Dr. Ritu Singhal, Dr. M. Bhalla, Dr. V. P. Myneedu, Dr. D. Behera
37. Molecular epidemiology and genetic characterization of M. tuberculosis from HIV seronegative and HIV seropositive patients Dr. Niti Singh, Dr. D. Behera, Dr. Tamanna Sharma, Prof.Sarman Singh
38. Role of modifications in routine fine needle aspiration cytology for increasing the diagnostic yield in extra-pulmonary tuberculosis Dr. Shalini Mullick, Dr. Nidhi Paliwal, Dr. Sapna Thakur, Dr. Kumud Gupta
39. Molecular epidemiology of Extensively Drug Resistant TB (XDR-TB)and development of a rapid diagnostic technique. Chhavi Gupta, Dr. Rupak Singla
40. Identification & evaluation ofMycobacterium tuberculosisantigens as biomarkers in clinical samples from tuberculosis patients & comparative analysis with other diagnostic methods Amit Kaushik, Dr. Rupak Singla
41. A study to assess the need for training of nurses regarding management of TB patients receiving DOTS and DOTS Plus under RNTCP in selected hospitals and outreach facilities in Delhi Mrs. Anita Kansal, Dr. D. Behera, Dr. R. Mahal
42. What is time taken and reasons for delay in the diagnosis and treatment in patients with lung cancer attending a tertiary care hospital in Delhi? Dr. J.K. Saini, Dr D. Behera, Dr. Anand Jaiswal
43. Synergistic drug medium of INH and Rifampicin for identification of MDR Mycobacterium tuberculosis Manoj Kumar, Dr M. Bhalla, Dr. Ritu Singhal
44. Study of the modulation of cell surface receptors by mycobacterium and defined recombinant antigens in human immune-competent cells and its functional significance Ms. Harshita Mittal, Dr. S.K. Munjal
45. Effects of high intensity interval based inspiratory muscle training in patients with COPD undergoing a 4 weeks Pulmonary Rehabilitaion Programme on PFT values (FEV1/FVC), Peak inspiratory pressures, dyspnea score, functional capacity and HQRL Mr. Sumanta Ghosh, Dr. S.K. Munjal
46. Comparative effects of chair sitting and forward lean with cross legged sitting position on Cardio Respiratory parameters during recovery after six minute walk test in COPD patients Md. Mumtaz Uddin, Dr. S.K. Munjal
47. “Comparison of effect of flow oriented versus volume oriented incentive spirometry on PFT, chest expansion, exercise tolerance, Dyspnea and Quality of life in Post Tuberculous Empyema Thoracis” Mr. Akmal Aslam Kothawala, Dr. S.K. Munjal